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Telephone Lines and GSM Gateways

Telephone lines can be supplied to replace your existing provider at a considerable discount. Contact us for a quotation to see just how much we can save you on your monthly bills.

Lines/Network Services
Provision of PSTN, ISDN 2e, ISDN30, SIP Trunks, ADSL, Data Circuits, etc. Every type of line can be catered for and at considerable discounts.

Inbound Services
Provision of Non-Geographic Numbers, 0800, 0870, 0845 etc. as well as Fax to Email Services.

GSM Gateways
Landline to Mobile Cost reduction. With this technology you can dramatically cut the cost of calling mobiles from your business by using a Fixed Cellular Terminal (FCT) - which are also known as Premicells and GSM Gateways. With the right tariff you can even call your company mobiles for free!

By connecting dialled calls to mobiles via an FCT linked to your office telephone system, calls are charged at mobile to mobile rates which reduces the call cost to mobile phones by a huge amount when compared to standard BT rates.

If you have company mobiles used by Sales Reps, Engineers, Directors etc. these can all be combined on a Business tariff and then calls between the office and your staff are FREE. Both incoming and outgoing Calls can be routed via the FCT and it is not just limited to mobile to mobile calls - if you tailor a mobile package that incorporates a large amount of "free" minutes it is also cost effective to route landline calls out via the FCT. Call Routing via the FCT can be automatic or calls can be routed manually by selecting the relevant line.
In addition to cost saving FCT's can be used in applications where landline services are not readily available but where a Telephone System would be an advantage, such as building site offices, temporary locations and non cabled area's. The benefit of this setup being they can be moved from site to site easily (network coverage permitting) and without lengthy delays, extra costs and loss of business whilst telephone lines are installed and connected. There are many different applications of the FCT, all of which our team can explain to you, as well as arrange suitable Mobile Packages, Supply and Installation of the FCT.

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